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Step into a world of augmented reality, location-based puzzles, and team adventure in our brand new outdoor games!

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Explore Windsor outdoors

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Follow a fun adventure

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Solve the mystery with a variety of exciting puzzles and games

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A safe and risk-free activity for friends or family

Magic Portal Windsor Escape Experience

Magic Portal

  • Played using an iPad & ActionPack (included)
  • Suitable for families*
  • An immersive treasure-hunt around the centre of Windsor
  • Solve puzzles & clues along the way
  • Recommended for 2 – 6 players Per Booking
  • 90 Minute Experience

*All ages can enjoy this experience, including adults. Young children (under 7) will be involved but may need an adult to help them through the puzzles.

A brand new escape experience for all ages to enjoy.