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Crown Jewels Heist

Quick Details

  • Theme: Royal Medieval Castle
  • 60 minutes on the clock
  • Groups of 2 – 8 people
  • Perfect for all the family and brand new escapologists, as well as larger groups!
  • A Captivating Castle Crusade
  • Great for kids!
Group of 2
(£30 pp)
Group of 3
(£30 pp)
Group of 4
(£30 pp)
Group of 5
(£29 pp)
Group of 6
(£28 pp)
Group of 7
(£27 pp)
Group of 8
(£26 pp)

It’s your moment to shine in the Crown Jewels Heist! But this is no smash and grab robbery…

Your mission has been meticulously planned for months and now is the perfect window of time to execute it.

The plotted route will take you on a path through the Medieval Castle before reaching the Royal Family’s prize possessions, the Crown Jewels.

Steal the treasure and make your escape, before you are discovered by the Royal Knights guarding the castle.

An individual Games Host will be assigned to your team to guide you throughout your experience.

We also have an optional clue system available in each room so that our rooms can be enjoyed by everyone no matter your level of expertise

Contains flashing lights (can be removed) and smoke effects (can be removed).

Children under 16 can play this room if accompanied by an adult.

Please see the age restriction ratios on our FAQ page for further information.

If you are a frequent escapologist, we do not recommend booking more than 6 people to play this room.