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Cannibal Cabin

Starting at £28 pp • Groups of 2-8 • 60 Minutes • Are you brave enough!

Quick Details

  • Theme : Horror
  • 60 minutes on the clock
  • Groups 2-8 people
  • Aged 16+
  • Perfect for thrill seekers who are looking for a scare.
Group of 2
(£30 pp)
Group of 3
(£30 pp)
Group of 4
(£30 pp)
Group of 5
(£29 pp)
Group of 6
(£28 pp)
Group of 7
(£27 pp)
Group of 8
(£26 pp)

You and your friends have stumbled across a cabin in the woods and as you have entered, the door has slammed shut behind you. You are now locked in, you and your friends must figure out how to escape and as quick as possible before the time runs out and the cannibal returns to feed!

Do you think your brave enough to take this challenge on ?

Children under 16 years old can not play this room. We recommend groups between 4-6 for the best experience.

May contain flashing lights and smoke effects.

If you are a frequent escapologist, we do not recommend booking more than 6 people to play this room.