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Our Escape Rooms

Indoor Activities
(we have A/C!)

From £29

Escape the UFO! | Groups of 2-8

After discovering the wreck of a crashed UFO you and your friends help a friendly alien call home. Before you can help him, a dispatch of MI6 agents swarm your location and take you somewhere…

From £29

Escape the Cabin! | Groups of 2-8

You and your friends have stumbled across a cabin in the woods and as you have entered, the door has slammed shut behind you. You are now locked in, you and your friends must figure out how to escape and as quick as possible before the time runs out and the cannibal returns to feed!

Find clues, solve puzzles and crack codes before times runs out!

You have 60 minutes to Escape!

Our Experiences Feature:


5 Uniquely Themed Rooms


Available for larger groups


A/C in all rooms

Who Can play our Escape Rooms?







Birthday party? Hen Night? Stag do? Team Building? We’ve got it covered!