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The Hidden Temple

Quick Details

  • Previously known as The Lost Mask of Tlaloc
  • Theme: Aztec Adventure
  • 60 minutes on the clock
  • Groups of 2 -8
  • Suitable for age 10+
  • Perfect for daring explorers, seeking a thrilling adventure!
  • An Amazing Aztec Adventure is Waiting For You!
Group of 2
(£30 pp)
Group of 3
(£30 pp)
Group of 4
(£30 pp)
Group of 5
(£29 pp)
Group of 6
(£28 pp)
Group of 7
(£27 pp)
Group of 8
(£26 pp)

Our most exciting adventure is calling you and your team of explorers to solve the mystery and escape before it is too late!

A prized Aztec artefact has gone missing from a museum under mysterious circumstances, and you have been sent to investigate the situation and return the treasure to its rightful place.

But watch out, it is suspected that the Aztec Gods have arisen to reclaim what they believe is rightfully theirs and they won’t let anyone get in their way!

Race against time and outsmart the Gods to recover the artefact and return it to the museum, before making your escape! 

Avoid angering the Gods along the way or there may be some disastrous consequences… and you’ll be trapped forever!


May contain flashing lights and smoke effects.

Children under 16 can play this room accompanied by an adult.

Please see our age restriction rations on our FAQ page for further information.

Frequent escapologists should not book for more than 6 people.