Area 51


  • 1 hour

The year is 2020. You have snuck into Windsor Great Park after dark to camp overnight. What started off as a mischievous plan and a fun night of camping takes a mysterious turn.

Late at night when you are just drifting off to sleep you hear dogs barking, flashing lights and people shouting. You leave the tent to investigate, you spot a UFO disappearing into the distance and alien-like figures in the woods.

You do not understand what you have just witnessed, but shortly after that, some armed military men arrive, put you in a military van. You wake up in a small room, you have been captured and now understand you have to escape before you are silenced for what you have witnessed!

*An adult must be present on site if no one in the party is over 16*

*It is recommended if you are a frequent escapologist you do not book more than 6 people in this room*