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Escape Rooms – A Safe Half Term Activity

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“2020 is the year of safety”

Half term is almost upon us, and this year it’s even more tricky to find suitable, safe activities for you and the kids to enjoy together. You may not have heard of escape rooms before, but we bet your kids have!

2020 is the year of safety, and Escape Rooms have been one of the activities that have been able to adapt to meet and exceed safety guidelines.

In many other settings, you are in the same space as other groups. In an escape room, it’s just you and your party in the room. In a room that has been disinfected prior to your visit with a state of the art Hydrostatic Sprayer. The same used by many hotels across the world and a very expensive bit of kit! They say you can’t put a price on safety, and we completely agree, this bit of kit gives us peace of mind that our customers are safe.

Furthermore, on your visit you’ll come into contact with just one socially distanced mask-wearing staff member, and that should only be for a quick briefing prior to your booking.

What makes an escape room the perfect family activity?

So hopefully now we’ve put your mind at ease on the safety of this activity. What makes an escape room the perfect family activity?

Firstly, it’s likely your kids are going to better than you in the escape room, they’ve been training for years on all kinds of iPad based games, and they apply those skills to the real-world game with amazing results. At this point I’m sure you might be thinking we’re talking rubbish, but come on, who doesn’t love a bit of family competition! Remember, no biting, scratching, fighting, it’s a team game, you must work together.

Secondly, screen time! The burden of modern parents, there will be none of that. Phones are banned!

Thirdly, we have four family-friendly themes to choose from so there is something for everyone; all children under 16 must have an adult present in the room. We recommend for maximum enjoyment children under 9 don’t play our rooms.

Finally, we all need a bit of escapism in these times. For 60 minutes your family will be transformed into another world, together, just you and them plotting to escape. Slots are filling up quickly so we don’t recommend hanging about, gather your team and book your escape experience now!  

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