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Escape 101

What is an Escape Room?

What is an Escape Room?  Escape Rooms… I’m sure you’ve heard everyone’s doing them, but you’re not quite sure what they are? Well stay here, because you’re about to find out. Escape Rooms consist of Excitement, Stimulation, Cooperation, Adrenaline, Puzzles, and… Escaping! We like to think of it as Cluedo meets Crystal Maze. They’re ideal for a family experience you’ll never forget or a team building exercise everyone will enjoy. What is an Escape Room? In simple terms, an escape room is a place where your party is locked in with no obvious means of escape. You, your team, your friends, your family, even your dog (just kidding no pets!) must work together to find clues, solve puzzles and crack codes. Complete all of the above in under 60 minutes and you’ll escape. Simple, right? No two escape rooms are…